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Teacher Recovery Assistance Program

Hurricane Ida caused catastrophic damage throughout Southeast Louisiana. Teachers spend years and personal money accumulating some of the tools necessary to help teach our children. Many teachers and their classrooms were not spared from the damage of Hurricane Ida. The local school districts are doing a lot to prepare the buildings and replace school owned assets to get the students back to school. This leaves teachers, however, with the burden to replace personal materials necessary for their job. This is compounded by the need to rebuild and repair their own homes, in addition to providing the emotional support to students also dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane.

With the Teacher Recovery Assistance Program, teachers may be nominated by program donors and No Limits Play for funding to help replace personal materials used in their classrooms. Nominees will submit an application with details of their lost items and options for replacement, which may be funded through direct purchase by No Limits Play.

100% of funding will go to teachers affected by Hurricane Ida & your donation is 100% Tax-Deductible!

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